Behind The Brand

Cali's Finest was born long before it became an apparel brand back in 2007. From the low-rider days of the OG's in the 70's, to the street cultures born out of the 80's, Cali's Finest streetwear brand brings to life the greatest aspects of California culture known worldwide for what we call the three W's -our women, weed, and weather. Cali's Finest was founded in 2007 by aspiring Bay Area artist known asĀ Greenie (aka Big Green).

The brand debuted in Humboldt County at Reggae on the River in 2008 and in the years since has made it's way into mainstream culture. Cali's Finest has adapted over the years having been in and out of several famous mall stores and the cycles of the clothing industry as a whole. We have honed in our craft to bring the culture exactly what it deserves- exclusive and exotic s***.

Every month we will have new prints and new exclusive items of limited print. Expect the unexpected as we launch new products monthly not limited to apparel.