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Angel Macias has "been a loner since 1998".

It's hard to believe he thinks he was born to be a loner because this guy shows mad love to Cali's Finest and our squad! Angel is a 20-year old b-boy and shuffler from Los Angeles, California. He goes to school, works, does other stuff with teams and lives the lifestyle - exactly what we look for! 

We asked Angel to answer some questions about himself, and he responded with gusto! We aren't quite on the level for vlogs, yet but we'll get there with the support of our squad and fans. Thank you, Angel, for answering all of the questions and for keeping it super real!

Cali's Finest: What is your birth sign/stone and what does it say about you?

Angel: I am an Aquarius. Well, I don't know. It says a lot. My strengths are witty, clever, humanitarian, inventive, original (as he brushes off his shoulder). 

Cali's Finest: What is your daily mantra?

Angel: I wanna live like a legend. But die like a god. 

Cali's Finest: What is your favorite food?

Angel: Junk food! No question. Fuck a fuckin healthy meal. Fuck a damn 6-pack. Fuck all that shit. Na, I'm just playin..um.....I love all types of food, but if you put vegetables, make sure they're not cooked. They gotta be like raw vegetables. You know? I already hate they asses if they not cooked, making em cooked just makes me hate them even more. 

Cali's Finest: What is your favorite item in our store?

Angel: The Best From the West in Black on Natural T-Shirt - for now

Cali's Finest: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Angel: An adult. But now I'm an adult so I wanna be a child again. But you know you can't go back, so...fuckin responsibilities! 

Stay locked on our social media and blogs if you'd like to continue to meet our squad! 

Until next time dudes and babes! 

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